Training Offerings

​Yellow Belt Training (16 hours)

Learn to be a team lead. Yellow Belt Training covers everything you need to know to lead a continuous improvement project. This training is ideal for employees who have participated on a improvement effort but haven't led one yet. After completing the course, employees must lead a project to receive full certification. For information about what tools are taught in this course, click here.

This training is currently offered quarterly and is free for state employees. The class meets twice for a total of 16 hours of training. To view when this training will be offered and enroll in the course, search for "Yellow Belt" on the STAR ELM system.

Prerequisites: Watch the "Introduction to Lean" and "Lean 101" videos on STAR ELM and talk with your supervisor a​bout leading an improvement effort.

For a detailed overview of the Yellow Belt certification requirements, please click here

White Belt Training (4 hours)

Learn to be a team member. White Belt Training explains what you need to know to participate on a continuous improvement project and is ideal for employees who have not been exposed to continuous improvement or Lean topics before. During the training, participants learn and apply the most common continuous improvement tools. For information about what tools are taught in this course, click here

This training is currently offered every other month and is free for state employees. To view when this training will be offered and enroll in the course, search for "White Belt" on the STAR ELM system.

Prerequisites: Watch the "Introduction to Lean" and "Lean 101" videos on STAR ELM.

Enrolling in the training

To sign up for our instructor-led courses, you'll need to use the STAR ELM system. You can access this system using the same information you enter to report your time in STAR. For detailed instructions about how to sign up for the course, please click here

Online training videos

Log into our internal site to access the full library of training videos. 

Other questions

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