About Strategic Management and Planning


Who We Are

The Strategic Management and Planning Team (SMP) is part of the Department of Administration. We support both DOA and the enterprise with continuous improvement projects, and unify all State of Wisconsin continuous improvement efforts.​




​Adam Puhl

​Director of Strategic Management and Planning

​Samuel Schmitt

Continuous Improvement (CI) Consultant

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Tia Ledvina

Web and Forms Manager

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​Abigail McMerrill

Continuous Improvement (CI) Consultant

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Our Services​

​​Training state employees

  • Facilitating instructor-led courses

  • Creating online training videos

Leading improvement efforts

  • Overseeing projects that benefit multiple state agencies

  • Aligning improvement efforts with broader agency goals

Developing content

  • Providing templates for all employees to use

  • Maintaining tracking of improvement projects and outcomes​​


Our mission is to solve problems in Wisconsin state agencies that cause frustration, consume time, or result in unnecessary costs. ​

Guiding Principles

  • Criticize the process, not the people - F​ix the underlying issues in a system, form, or process rather than blaming employees.

  • Simplify first, automate later - Make everything as simple as possible before adding technology to a process. 

  • ​Break down organizational silos - Work across organizational boundaries so that processes work better for everyone.

  • Make improvements for little or no cost - Look for ways to solve problems without spending a lot of money. 

  • Encourage innovation - Allow for experimentation and welcome new ideas from all sources.​​​