Yellow Belt certification requirements

Base requirements

  1. Attend all class sessions and complete all homework assignments to receive credit for completing the course.

  2. Complete a Lean project within 18 months to receive full Yellow Belt certification. Only two team leads can be certified per project.

Project certification requirements

  • Create a project charter on the internal Lean site

  • Map the current state process

  • Collect ‘before’ and ‘after’ data

  • Perform root cause analysis

  • Map the future state process

  • Implement your solution

  • Submit a project report including metrics and results on the internal site

  • Complete the project within 18 months 

Additional DOT requirements

  • Create a charter using WisDOT form DT2096

  • Get your Problem Statement approved by your sponsor and the Office of Policy, Finance, and Improvement

  • Obtain Voice of the Customer (VOC)

  • Align your baseline data with one of the MAPSS core goals (Mobility, Accountability, Preservation, Safety, and Service)

  • Develop an implementation plan

  • Report your results using WisDOT form DT2097

  • Optional: Measure % defects/errors reduced

Additional DCF requirements

  • Please reach out to your division's Lean coordinator or agency POC, Hannah Knouse, for more information.