Fiscal Year 2019 Metrics

​​Statewide outcomes (FY19)

In FY19, there were 176 improvement efforts completed statewide.

Combined, these improvement efforts were reported to have produced the following results:

  • Annual hours repurposed: 28,277 hours
  • Annual cost saved: $277,754
  • Annual cost avoided: $138,739
  • One-time cost savings: $95,133

For more detailed information, please see our FY19 Annual Report

Total number of improvement efforts completed over time

A bar chart showing that the number of improvement efforts completed has increased each fiscal year from FY16 to FY19

Number of improvement efforts completed by agency 

A bar chart showing that DOT has completed the most improvement effots for a major agency

Annual hours repurposed by agency

A bar chart showing that DOT has repurposed the most hours compared to other agencies

Annual cost saved by agency

A bar chart showing that DOT has saved the most money compared to other agencies