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Fiscal Year 2018 projects​

  • ​​​​DATCP saves over 2,500 hours of employee time. Read more

  • DFI saves $50,000 annually in overnight travel costs. Read more

  • DATCP cuts processing time by over 90%. Read more

  • ​DOR saves 860 hours with auto-print functionality. Read more

  • ​DOT cuts lead time for crash reports by 59 days. Read more

  • DSPS saves more than $9,000 and 500 hours. Read more

Fiscal Year 2017 projects

  • ​DATCP saves nearly a year's worth of staff time. Read more

  • DWD avoids $170,000 annually in postage costs. Read more

  • DATCP reduces certificate lead time by 76 days. Read more

  • WHEDA cuts its yearly rent costs by $224,484. Read more

  • ​DSPS repurposes over 150 hours of staff time. Read more

  • ​DOA saves $74,000 annually by updating mail routes. Read more