Event FAQs

​​​What kind of events are held?

The main events are short, introductory training sessions on a continuous improvement topic. These sessions are held every other month and consist of instructional material along with an activity. In between the training sessions, we also occasionally​ host informational events ​organized by one of the state agencies. State employees are the intended audience for these events, but anyone is welcome to attend. ​There is no fee to participate.

When and where are these events held?

These events are typically held on the last Friday of the month from 11:00 am to noon at the Department of Health Services (1 W Wilson St.) in Conference Room 751. To receive more detailed information about each event, please sign up for our event notifications

How can I find out about future events?

To be notified of future events, please sign up for our event notifications

What if I can't attend in person?

If you can't make it to the event, you can watch the presentation remotely via Zoom meeting functionality. This link will allow you to watch in real-time. To receive a link before the presentation, please sign up for our event notifications. For recordings of past events, click here