Training FAQs

​Does the training cost anything?

Nope. All our courses are free for state employees. 

What course should I take?

If you want to learn the basics of continuous improvement, take White Belt. If you want to lead a project, take Yellow Belt.

Do I need to take White Belt before Yellow Belt?

No. These courses overlap considerably, so we do not recommend taking these courses back-to-back. If you want to lead a project, take Yellow Belt. If you want to participate on an improvement team, take White Belt. 

I got added to the waitlist when I tried signing up for a course. How will I know if I make it into the class?

If you're added to the course, you'll receive an automatically generated email from the STAR ELM system notifying you that you've been enrolled. In addition to the enrollment email, we'll also send out an email with more detailed information a week or two before the class starts. 

I've taken the State of Wisconsin's Yellow Belt training, can I say I'm Yellow Belt certified?

To receive full Yellow Belt certification through the State of Wisconsin, you need to lead a continuous improvement project. 

Can we have multiple team leads for our Yellow Belt project?

For Yellow Belt certification, we allow a maximum of two team leads per Yellow Belt project. 

I've completed my Yellow Belt project. When will I get my certificate?

Once you've submitted your project on the internal site, your agency's continuous improvement contact will confirm it meets all requirements. Once your project is confirmed as complete, DOA's Strategic Management and Planning Program will print your certificate and send it to your agency’s continuous improvement contact. In general, you should expect your certificate about a month after finalizing your project. 

Do you plan on offering Green Belt training?

No. We've found that relatively few state employees benefit from Green Belt training. If you're already Yellow Belt certified, we recommend leading another improvement effort or taking a different course. 

I don't work in Madison, but I want to learn more about continuous improvement. What can I do?

For now, we recommend viewing the online video content available on the internal website or STAR ELM. These videos cover a range of topics, and we are regularly adding more. In the future, we are hoping to provide regional training to limit travel costs and ensure the training is available to a broader number of state employees.

Is this training available to county and local employees?

While we’d love to serve all government employees, right now our focus is on improving state government. We might make our resources more widely available in future, but we have no formal plans to do so at this time. To be notified of changes in this policy, please add your name to our list of county and local employees. ​