Instructions for WEDC and WHEDA employees

​If you are not paid through the STAR system, you will need to create an external account to access the internal Lean site. This account is different than the one that's used to sign up for training in the STAR ELM system. 

Step 1: Go to the self-registration website

Step 2: Read the user acceptance agreement and click "Accept" if you agree to the terms


Step 3: Enter all required information


Instructions for important fields:

  • E-Mail: Enter your work email

  • Systems: Choose "SharePoint"

  • Logon ID: Use the format "FirstLastOrganization" (e.g. JohnSmithWEDC)

  • Password: For consistency, use a password that's at least 8 characters long and contains an uppercase letter and a number

Step 4: Click "Submit"


Step 5: Navigate to the internal Lean website

Step 6: When asked for your sign-in credentials, choose "Forms Authentication"


Step 7: Enter the username and password you created then click "Sign In"


Step 8: Explain why you are trying to access the site and click "Send Request"


Step 9: Wait until you receive an email informing you that you've been given access to the site, then repeat steps 5 through 7